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The Molten Art Classic is an organic example of what happens when passion meets resources. Team leader, Adam Whobrey, also known as Hoobs, handpicks some of the top borosilicate glass artists in the world to create an exquisite one of a kind piece together at Classic 33 Studios in Huntington Beach, Ca. It is the largest collaborative art event to unify top borosilicate glass artists from around the world, all adding their respective influences and unique flair to the collective piece. 

With thousands of hours of work, each piece is 100 percent handmade flame-worked borosilicate glass with no metal, wood, or glue involved. Every piece is welded together in a hot flame and sculpted freehand—no molds involved. Multiple torches are used to melt and shape the glass within the flame and an electric oven called a kiln is used to keep the individual pieces warm while building. Some pieces are composed of hundreds of separate pieces put together to create one final product. Other…


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