Where to start being anti-racist? Educate yourself with Black voices.


“In order to stand with us, and people who look like me, you have to be educated on issues that pertain to me, fully educated so you can feel the full level of pain so that you can have full understanding,” said Emmanuel Acho. The NFL athlete and TV personality addressed white people in a video that quickly went viral, advocating for more listening and educating ourselves as we work to fight racism and police brutality. 

As protests ignited by the murder of George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis continue to spread throughout cities and communities in the U.S., many are left wondering how they can help fight anti-black police brutality.

Along with calls to protest and donate resources and funds to organizations built to combat systemic racism, there has been a steady drumbeat pushing the message that it isn’t enough to simply not be racist — you have to be actively anti-racist.

This notion isn’t exactly new. In fact, there is an entire…


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