“Why I Love to Live Fast” by Andy Warhol


Welcome to our new column in which we republish articles and interviews with legendary figures that originally appeared in the print edition of High Times. To launch the series, we’re bringing you this May, 1978 piece by Andy Warhol—on his birthday.

First of all, it’s best to be born fast, because it hurts, and it’s best to die fast, because it hurts, but I think if you were born and died within that minute, that would be the best life, because the priest says that way you’re guaranteed to go to heaven. He says you’re born to die. “Born to die”—you could write a song about it.

I know that I love to live fast because my favorite things are the fastest—the new Polaroid Super 8 movie camera, the Roy Rogers Family-Style Restaurants, pushbutton telephones, Xerox machines, my cameras and Sony tape recorders, the Concorde, drive-in movies (because you can go in your pajamas). And my favorite person is Tom Seaver, because he pitches the fast ball and he gave me…


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