Working with Cannabis as a Cosmic Portal for Aquarius Season


Welcome one and all to the unique, intellectual, and interdimensional portal known as Aquarius season. We entered the season of the water bearer on January 20th, and will be in this air sign’s domain until February 18th, and during this time we have the opportunity to shine our freakiest, most revolutionary light at the world around us. Known as aliens from the future, Aquarians aren’t afraid to think outside of the box; in fact, they’d rather destroy it. This is the sign of the innovative trailblazer, scientist and stoner alike, and this zodiac season is the perfect time to embrace all the unknowns out there by working with cannabis as a cosmic doorway to other dimensions; both of ourselves and of reality.

As an Aquarius, I know firsthand how this energy can inspire us to honor our own truth, while also encouraging us to step outside of our comfort zone and blast off to unexplored and unexplainable depths. And we can work with cannabis, plant medicine and magick to do just…


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