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In a wide-ranging interview from May, 1983, Yoko Ono explored the problems of wealth, power and life without John with interviewers Bob Fass and Cathie Revland. Just in time for Yoko Ono’s birthday February 18, we’re republishing the interview below.

She apologizes and leads us, sock-footed, into a room located somewhere between the Tigris and the Euphrates. On the ceiling, clouds hover in a peaceful sky. Palm trees reflect in smoked-glass mirrors. Under our feet, a carpet the color and give of bleached white sand. Deep beneath the carpet, the rumble of several New York City subway lines. On the walls are pictures of father and Sean. There’s a white upright in the comer. A chambered nautilus Tiffany lamp rests on a presidential-size Princess Isis desk. Either item could feed a family of four for about 20 years.

The money thing again. The money thing will not go away. Elvis could squander, and who cares how much Rod Stewart or even the Paul McCartneys spend, but


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